Post Workout Nutrition by CFM's Nutrition Coach Marrelle Bozanich


When it comes to post-workout nutrition, sooner is better.

Cross Fit athletes subject their bodies to a huge workload comprising high-intensity effort and significant training volume

When you work out, you deplete muscle glycogen. This primary fuel source needs to be increased after a workout to feed your muscles.

During your training session, glycogen synthase is circulating in high concentration. It’s trying to find glucose to store for your next session, and you have about 30 mins to capitalize on it, so don’t wait to get home before you ingest carbs.

Get a post-WOD recovery drink, protein shake or other fast-digesting carbohydrate in you as soon as possible.

The Post Workout nutrition window is real and should be taken advantage of by any athlete looking to optimize performance.

To refuel and recover, you need easily digestible sources of protein and carbohydrates

Eating a post-workout meal with protein helps provide a source of amino acids for muscle protein synthesis, while carbohydrate assists in glycogen replenishment.

To maximize your efforts in the gym, you need to give yourself premium fuel in the form of quality nutrients. You need to consume this fuel within 30 minutes of your workout to maximize results.

Here are some Post Workout Snack ideas:


Protein and Banana Smoothie

Apple and Cheese

Protein bar (check the sugar content first)

Scrambled Eggs / Omelette

Sweet potato wedges

Greek yoghurt and almonds

Banana and Peanut Butter

*For personalised help formulating a nutrition plan to help you reach your goals send us though a message and we will put you in touch with Marrelle! She holds Certificates in Accredited nutrition, Optimal Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Psychology,The Paleo Diet and is a qualified Level 1 Meal and Menu Planner.